Current Projects

From 2013 to 2016 researchers from the Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN) are participating in a wide variety of projects designed to offer insights into a range of health system performance issues. 

The first set of research projects (1 to 4) focuses on utilization, cost and best practice interventions for specific population groups.  The other research projects (see 5 to 8 below) involve health policy topics that cut across all populations.

Current Investigator and Staff Projects (2013 - 2016)



Youth with Chronic Conditions Transitioning to Adult Care

Young and Mid-Life Patients with Complex Care Needs

Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Diseases

People at the End of Life Needing Health Care


Case Studies of High Performing Health Regions/Networks in Ontario (Ontario Health Links)

Economic Modelling to Compare the Costs of Different Approaches to Care Integration

Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes
Caregiver Burden, Support and Enablement

Current Trainee Projects


Activities of Care Transition Interventions: A Realist Review
Natasha Lane (Trainee)
G. Ross Baker (Supervisor)
Kristen Pitzul (Trainee)
Walter Wodchis (Supervisor)